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Customer Wind Data Security

Second Wind’s SkyServe® provides web access to data from Nomad 2® data loggers and Triton® Sonic Wind Profilers. Secure servers automatically organize and archive field data via an always-available SQL database.  Second Wind employs industry best practices, both technically and procedurally, to protect Customer data from unauthorized physical and electronic access.

About SkyServe Security

The Second Wind SkyServe servers are housed at a physically secure off-site Tier One data center. The data center features:

  • FM-200 fire suppression system
  • OC-3 connection with 2-hops to the backbone
  • Redundant Internet connections to alternate providers
  • Multi-layer security systems including cardkey entry, man trap and video surveillance with 24/7 availability and an authorized access list
  • Diesel generator backup power
  • PCI compliant
  • Diverse fiber entries into the collocation facility
  • Dual redundant routing and switching equipment within the data center
  • N + 1 redundant environmental control systems

SkyServe security provides SSL data access via user names and passwords in a manner similar to that used by banking institutions. There are several levels of security ranging from a login with access to all devices owned by a particular customer to a login with access to only one or several devices. Each user will only see the devices designated for that particular login. Data in the loggers (Nomad or Triton) in the field is in a Second Wind proprietary binary data format. On-site and off-site encrypted backups are performed daily.

A SonicWALL® TotalSecure firewall system provides all-in-one network protection combining gateway anti-virus, anti-spyware intrusion prevention, content filtering, firmware updates and 24x7 support onto a high-performance deep packet inspection firewall, effectively creating a managed switch that has embedded security.

SkyServe is accessed with password authentication. Second Wind Support personnel cannot view customer passwords, except for a temporary password used when a password is lost.

Second Wind strongly recommends against company members sharing a single user login and is happy to provide different logins for each user. Each individual user’s account access can be controlled. This is useful, for example, when a customer wishes to grant limited access to a third-party consultant. This user-based security enables Company A which may have seven Tritons and 20 Nomad 2s to split access such that a manager may have access to all of the data, an analyst may have access to a site that has three Nomad 2s and one Triton, while a consultant has access to a site with two Tritons and seven Nomad 2’s. Data access is easily configurable, and Second Wind Support will help customers with differentiating their data access.

Second Wind limits access to customer data to those staff members with a well-defined business need.

Second Wind shall notify the Customer of any situation where the Customer’s data was, or is reasonably believed to have been acquired and/or accessed by an unauthorized person.

SkyServe will automatically log a user out if left unattended for a period of time.  A valid username and password will be needed in order to use SkyServe again.

SkyServe is also protected by an account lock-out system. If a user incorrectly authenticates a number of times, their user account will be locked until Second Wind Support unlocks it.

SkyServe FTP

File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is an industry-standard network protocol designed to exchange files over a TCP/IP based network. FTP is built on client-server architecture and utilizes separate control and data connections between the client and server applications. Applications to access data via FTP include interactive and batch scriptable command-line tools or graphical user interfaces on all desktop operating systems in use today.

SkyServe FTP is housed on a server co-located with the SkyServe servers, and protected by identical or better security. Each FTP user has access limited to the specific folder that contains the data he or she is authorized to view.

Each customer is responsible for notifying Second Wind Support when an employee or contractor is no longer authorized to access SkyServe or SkyServe FTP. Second Wind Support will immediately disable or delete user accounts when notified in writing.

To provide additional data security forensics, all SkyServe access via web or FTP is tracked and logged. The logs reveal when each user has accessed the data, for how long, what data was viewed or downloaded, the user IP address, etc.

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